SENIS® Magnetic Field Mappers measure magnetic field of permanent magnets and electromagnets. By means of a 3-axis Hall probe, mappers generate a 3D map of the magnetic field, counts number of poles, calculates pole width and pole distribution for multipole magnets and rotors, measures magnetic angle, angle error, field homogeneity, dipole magnetic moment, detects cracks, etc. Our innovative smart connection technology allows an easy interchange of Hall and AMR probes, touch stylus and specialized probes, such as eddy-current probes for crack detection, sliding probes for in-contact measurements, probe arrays, etc.

  • General-purpose, high-end standard-size mapper MMS-1A-RS:135mm^3 scan volume, 0.1% measurement accuracy, very high positioning accuracy, for all magnet types and forms
  • General-purpose, high-end large-size mapper MMS-1X-RS: similar to MMS-1A-RS, but for larger magnets/rotors, i.e. 500mm^3 scan volume
  • Mapper for cylindric-shaped magnets MMS-2A-ROT: 155mmx55mm scan volume, 1% measurement accuracy, high positioning accuracy, for rotors, ring, disc and segment magnets
  • Entry-level portable mapper M3D-2A-PORT: 100mm^3 scan volume, 1% measurement accuracy, moderate positioning accuracy
  • Mapping solutions for crack detection in laboratories and as production test equipment
  • Special customized mappers, integration in CMMs and Form Measurement Machines, such as MAHR MMQ 200, AC Magnetic Field Mapper, Mapping of demagnetized parts, EMC tests and many others