CTH Series - Closed-Loop DC & AC Current Sensor Modules

Closed-loop, clamp-on current sensors for ranges of 100A to 10kA have an extraordinary accuracy of less then 0.1%. The CTH series product series provides current transducers for the nominal measured currents in the range of 100A to 10kA.

  • Measurement of DC, AC and pulsed currents in the range of 100A - 10kA
  • Frequency bandwidth from DC to 3kHz
  • Clamp-on for easy installation, without interrupting of the primary circuit
  • Closed loop current transducer using the Hall effect
  • Superior total accuracy <0.1%
  • Excellent linearity
  • High immunity to external interference

The CTH is the current transducer series for measurement of DC, AC and pulsed currents, with galvanic isolation between the primary circuit and the secondary circuit. The CTH Series current transducers consist of two parts: transducer head and transducer electronics, connected with multi-paired shielded cable, up to 10m length.

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