SENIS AG, Switzerland develops, manufactures and supplies worldwide advanced sensors and instruments for magnetic field measurements and electric current. Product quality, customer and environmental care are integral components of corporate policy.

SENIS® is ISO 9001 certified. Our calibration laboratory applied for the ISO 17025 accreditation.

Popovic June2010

Founder and CTO:
Dr. Radivoje S. Popovic, Prof.
Emeritus EPFL

Dr. Popovic is the founder of SENIS AG, SENTRON AG, and Sentronis ad. He is the author or coauthor of 280 technical publications and 100 patent applications. Dr. Popovic is a member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences. Prior to joining the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, as a Professor of microtechnology systems, Dr. Popovic was Vice President of Central R&D at Landis and Gyr AG, Zug, Switzerland.

Sasa Spasic

Sasa Spasic

Sasa Spasic holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Software Engineering. Prior to joining SENIS he worked in the energy management and IT development areas at Landis & Gyr, Siemens, Metso Automation and AnyDoc Software as manager of technology development and global professional service groups. He has many years experience in technology development, international team management and sales and marketing of magnetic sensors measurement instruments and current sensors.

Dragana Renella

Co-founder and COO:
Dr. Dragana Popovic Renella

Dragana Popovic Renella received a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich and a PhD in Technology Management from the University of Novi Sad. She completed executive courses in Marketing Management at SDA Bocconi. Dragana is the COO of SENIS AG, Switzerland. Prior to co-founding Senis she worked for ETH Zurich, Sentron and Credit Suisse. Dragana is a Swiss member of the technical committee of IMEKO (International Measurement Confederation).

The Swiss company SENIS GmbH was founded in February 2004 as a spin-off of SENTRON AG, which was acquired by Melexis Belgium. SENIS continued to develop and market magnetic field sensors and measuring instruments, mainly invented by Dr. R. Popovic, a professor at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne/ETH, Switzerland).

To exploit the application of the magnetic sensor technology to electric current measurement, the electric current sensor business of Ametes AG was merged with SENIS GmbH in 2011. At the same time, the company changed its corporate form to become SENIS AG, an Aktiengesellschaft (corporation).

SENIS CTO, Prof. Radivoje S Popovic (founder of SENTRON, Ametes and SENIS) invented and led early development of some of the most advanced magnetic field sensors. His early work is the bases of the IMC Technology (Hall elements with integrated magnetic concentrators), which is used in state-of-the art angular and linear position sensors, current sensors and compass sensors. At SENIS the R&D team led by Prof. Popovic invented and implemented the first 3-axis Hall sensors by integrating vertical and horizontal Hall elements in single silicon chip.

The highly qualified team of SENIS developers was involved in more than 100 patent applications and several hundreds technical publications in the area of magnetic field measurement. With a strong track record of overall experience in the magnetic field measurement business area, SENIS team guarantees an innovative approach, high quality and an outstanding performance of its products and services with the goal to achieve a complete customer satisfaction. SENIS is proud to have won the trust of reputable research laboratories and companies in automotive, consumer electronics, energy, transportation and test & measurement industries.

Whereas the company with its ISO 9001 certified subsidiary provides the design and the key process know-how, all conventional production steps are outsourced to specialists. Logistics and overall quality assurance functions are being taken care of by SENIS AG. Depending on the customer’s geographical location, sales are handled either directly by SENIS AG or channeled through distributors or representatives.

SENIS® is registered brand in Switzerland, EU, China and South Korea.

Board of Directors: Prof. Dr. Radivoje Popovic, Marianne Stuck Schubiger, Ian J. Walker

Management: S. Spasic, CEO; Prof. R. Popovic, CTO; Dr. D. Popovic Renella, COO

In more than 15 years, SENIS has won trust of major physics laboratories and research institutes around the world as well as worldwide leading companies in the automotive, energy, consumer electronics and test & measurement industries. Working in close cooperation with our customers we try to understand their businesses in order to continuously adapt and improve our products and services according to customers’ needs.

Recently SENIS started developing the magnetic sensor chips for mass production and industrial applications. SENIS is offering today sensor chips for linear and rotational positioning, angle and speed measurements and current sensors.

Our traditional products, Analog Magnetic Field Transducers, Digital Teslameters / Gaussmeters and current sensors are used in industry and laboratories all over the world wherever magnetic field measurement has to be performed reliably, be it for quality control or in application in particle accelerators, educational and research institutions or in the manufacturing industry.

SENIS Magnetic Field Mapping System enables users to quickly map the magnetic field around an electromagnet, a permanent magnet or around large coils. The map of the magnetic field may be given in various forms, including the color coded 2D or 3D isometric visual display.

All SENIS instruments are equipped with precisely assembled probe-heads for single-axis, two-axis or three-axis measurements ranging from low-cost 1%-accuracy to 0.01% accuracy in fields to over 2T.

SENIS AG offers the only integrated and the smallest 3-axis Hall Probe on the market. A unique feature of SENIS' multi-axis Hall probes is that they measure two or three components of a magnetic field in a single spot (0.10 x 0.01 x 0.10 mm3 ) with mutual orthogonality of sensing axes better than 0.1°.

Besides transducers and teslameters, SENIS AG provides a broad range of miniature electric current sensors, bus bar sensor modules and split core current transducers for multiple applications in the test and measurement equipment and in the manufacturing industry.