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The SENIS Magnetic Field Mapper measures the magnetic field around permanent magnets and electromagnets. By means of a 3-axis Hall Probe, it generates a 3D map of the magnetic field, measures the dipole moment, counts number of poles, calculates pole width and pole distribution for multipole magnets and rotors, measures magnetic angle, angle error, field homogeneity, etc. The integrated touch sensor accurately combines coordinate measurement with very accurate magnetic field mapping. Our innovative smart connection technology allows an easy interchange of Hall and AMR probes, touch stylus and other specialized probes, such as eddy-current probes for crack detection, sliding probes for in-contact measurements, probe arrays, etc.

High-end All-in-One Magnetic Field Mapping System MMS-1A-RS

  • 3-axis Hall probe for 3D magnetic field measurement
  • Magnetic field measurement accuracy: 0.1%
  • Selectable measurement ranges: 50mT – 2T
  • Probe positioning accuracy: 2μm / 0.02°
  • In-situ, automatic calibration
  • Easy probe interchangeability
  • Customizable, user-friendly mapper software
  • Scanning volume: 135 x 135 x 135 mm
  • Sliding probes available
  • SENIS Mappers at Exhibitions

CHF 55'000 – 65'000

Special Mapper Solutions

  • Clean room compatible
  • Magnetic field mapping of very large and heavy rotors and cylindrical magnetic objects of up to 700mm diameter and weight of up to 100kg
  • AMR/GMR/Sliding probe options
  • Inductive probe for 3D mapping of very small magnetic field, down to 100pT, of electromagnets and AC fields from less than 100Hz up to hundreds kHz 


SENIS and MAHR has launched a new product MarForm MMQ 200 with SENIS 3-axis magnetic field measurement option.

  • Form and location features according to ISO 1101 (e.g. roundness, radial run-out, cylindricity)
  • Visualization and analysis of all three components of the magnetic field, Bx, By and Bz
  • Visualization of the slope (slope and inclined positiong), magnetic field homogeneity
  • Visualization of the multipole magnetic field and the North-South pole
  • Number of poles, min. /max. /mean pole width, pole distribution, pole pitch, pitch error, zero crossing

EUR 75'000 - 80'000

Calibration Cube / Reference Magnet

  • Highly accurate in-situ validation and re-calibration of magnetic field sensors, teslameters and mappers
  • Magnetic fields available: 100mT, 50mT and 1mT
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Mechanical referencing and orthogonality of the magnetic field better than 0.1° in all 3-directions
  • Accurate 3-axis recalibration for SENIS mappers
  • Also works as a stable reference magnet
  • Probe holder option for SENIS 3MTS teslameter

Portable Magnetic Field Mapping System M3D-2A-PORT

  • 3-axis Hall probe for 3D magnetic field measurement
  • Light (5Kg) and small 3030 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Magnetic field measurement accuracy: 1%
  • Probe positioning accuracy: 100μm
  • User-friendly mapper software
  • SENIS Mappers at Exhibitions

Price range: CHF 10'000-12'000

Compact 3D Magnetic Field Mapper MMS-2A-ROT

  • 3D magnetic field mapping of disk, segment, ring magnets and rotors
  • 3-axis Hall probe for in-contact measurements
  • Intuitive Mapper software for measurement data acquisition, visualization and analysis
  • SENIS Mappers at Exhibitions

Price: CHF 25'000 - 30'000

Nanomapper MMS-2A-NANO

  • Compact 2-axis Hall probe (By, Bz) with field sensitive volume 10um x10um x10um
  • In-contact measurement - distance to magnet: 120um
  • Miniature horizontal and vertical Hall sensors less than 2um 
  • Measurement range: +/-500mT
  • Magnetic resolution better than 5uT
  • Probe positioning resolution: +/-100nm

Arrays and Cameras

  • Customized Probe Arrays
  • Probe Matrix with the spatial resolution down to 0.8mm

Defectoscope System for Magnet Inspection

The Defectoscope System can be used as a quality control inspection tool in production lines to detect cracks and inhomogeneity in magneized and non-magnetized materials.