Test Instrumentation

NanoVolt Amplifier NVM-01

NanoVolt Amplifier NVM-01 - low noise amplifier module for sensitive DC/AC measurements and data acquisition systems. It is ideal as the input unit for measuring low noise and low impedances sources.

For more information please contact info@senis.ch

Helmholtz Coil HHROT-1

The SENIS Model HHROT-1 Helmholtz Coils is a single axis coil pair arranged in Helmholtz geometry to give a relatively large volume of high uniformity magnetic field. 
  • Magnetic field up to 20mT
  • High magnetic field uniformity: better than 4x10-4 over a 20mm sphere
  • Compact, with the weight of 32kg
  • Dimensions: 199 x 280 x 337 mm
  • Inner diameter 176mm
  • Possibility to rotate a magnetic sensor within the Helmholtz coils in all three angles (tilt, roll, pitch)

HEON Instrument for Hall and Magnetoresistance sensors chara

HEON instrument for Hall and Magnetoresistance sensors characterization – U/I-characteristics, Offset drift (fluctuations) and temperature coefficient, noise spectral density, sensitivity (utilizing a reference magnet), temperature coefficients (utilizing a thermal chamber).

HF Current Source

HF Current Source HEFR. High-frequency bipolar current source (DC–1MHz) SENIS HEFR for measuring the response of Hall elements to small-signal high-frequency magnetic fields.

Resonant Circuit Option

Resonant Circuit Option for Helmholtz Coils to generate higher currents, i.e. higher magnetic fields.

Mini Helmholtz coils for Characterization of Magnetic Field

Mini Helmholtz Coils generate high magnetic fields with very high frequency bandwidth in a small volume.

Price range: CHF 500