Matesy Products

Senis Business and Technology Partner


Matesy GmbH is our technology partner, reseller and provider of complementary magnetic field measurement instruments in Germany. The company specializes in the visualization, characterization and generation of magnetic fields. Matesy uses magnetic properties for various applications, such as magnet tracking and magnetic field visualization instruments, also through its well proven magneto-optic approach.

Magneto-optic instruments for magnetic field visualization

To visualize magnetic fields the magneto-optic provides an excellent approach. Two-dimensional images of magnetic fields at the sensor level can be generated directly using the Faraday-Effect. The Matesy MagView-systems are based on this method and apply for various areas, for instance, forensic, quality control and material characterization.



Real time magnetic field mapping, visualization and precise measurement, CMOS camera module, USB interface, evaluation and protocol software
Applications: Multipole magnet quality control, banknote investigation, magnetic stripe card quality check.



Real time magnetic field visualization with highly sensitive imaging, Mobile on-site investigations and intuitive handling
Applications: Welding seam inspections, crack detection, visualization of magnetic ink and magnetic safety Labels.



Mobile real time analysis of magnetic fields with immediate imaging, high resolution USB-camera and evaluation and protocol software
Applications: Visualization of welding seams, magnetic stripe cards and tapes, manipulated serial numbers and di- and multipole magnets.


Magnet Tracking and Measurement

From some distance a Magnet can be described as dipol using mathematic methods. This approach allows a very comfortable way of locating a magnet in three-dimensional space and determining its magnetic strength (the magnetic moment).
Movement analysis of magnetically selected objects can be performed task-orientedly and precise characterization of permanent magnets can be realized.



±1% of remanence (for known permeability & demagnetization) and mag. moment/permanence, magnetization direction ± 0,1°; N/S-pole classification; up to 600 pieces per hour
Applications: Fast and precise magnet characterization regarding dipole parameters for sensor and motor magnet quality control.