3MH5 Low-Noise Teslameter / Gaussmeter for Laboratory Application (1ppm resolution)

  • Very High Resolution: 1ppm 
  • Magnetic field ranges: 0.2T, 2T, 20T
  • Accuracy approx. 0.001%
  • TFT Display, USB Interface
  • 1-, 2- or 3-axis & “Any axis” (selectable)

1-axis: CHF 10’000 – 14’000 / 2-&3-axis: CHF 15’000 – 20’000


Suitable for:

  • High speed measurements
  • DC and AC magnetic field measurements (Frequency Bandwidth: up to 5kHz)
  • Simultaneous measurements of all components of magnetic field (Bx, By, Bz)
  • Inhomogeneous magnetic fields
  • Determination of the magnetic field orientation
  • Magnetic field measurements in a small air gap and/or in the near proximity of the magnet surface
  • Measurements of the full magnetic field range with only one Hall probe

Low Noise Teslameter / Gaussmeter with integrated Hall Probe incorporates a high accuracy magnetic field-to-analogue-voltage transducer with a high-level, temperature compensated output signal for each of the three components of the measured magnetic flux density. A digital module is additionally applied to the analog transducer to form the digital Teslameter. Digital Teslameter provides the possibility of automatic data acquisition via a USB serial interface by a host computer. In this way, customers can easily integrate a measurement routine into their measurement system using its programming tools such as Basic, C, C++, Delphi, LabVIEW, etc.

The temperature measurement feature allows user to obtain current temperature values while monitoring the magnetic field.

The transducer consists of two modules:

  1. Hall probe and Cable (Module H), and
  2. Electronics (Module E).

The Low-Noise Digital Teslameter / Gaussmeter is a high accuracy temperature-stabilized instrument for the precise measurement of magnetic field.

Each Transducer is calibrated with the individual correction data for the connected probe, so the probe is replaceable.

Key Features

  • Teslameter/Gaussmeter for Laboratory Applications
  • Teslameter/Gaussmeter with Integrated 1-, 2-,3-axis Hall Probes for measuring DC & AC magnetic fields (up to 5kHz)
  • Very High Resolution: 1ppm at magnetic field range: 0.2T, 2T, 20T
  • Accuracy up to approx. 0.001%
  • High temperature stability (< 20ppm/°C)
  • TFT LCD graphic display (107x71mm), displaying Bx, By and Bz components and the temperature value measured on the Hall Probe
  • Data Acquisition & Visualization PC Software runs on Windows 7/XP (USB 2.0)
  • Remote software access for measurement monitoring
  • Measured Channel Selection (Bx, By, Bz)

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