H3A Magnetic Transducers with Hybrid 1-/ 2-/ 3-axis Hall Probe sensors

  • Ultra-low noise & offset fluctuations
  • Very high linearity

Price range: CHF 8'000 (1-axis); 11'500 (2-axis); 15'500 (3-axis)


The H3A denotes a range of Low Noise SENIS Magnetic Field-to-Voltage Transducers with hybrid 3-axis Hall Probe.

The Hybrid Hall Probe integrates three high-resolution with good angular accuracy (orthogonality error < 2°) of the three measurement axis of the probe and a temperature sensor.

The Hall probe is connected with an electronic box (Module E in Fig. 1). The Module E provides biasing for the Hall probe and the application of the spinning-current technique, which very effectively cancels offset, low frequency noise and the planar Hall effect.

The additional conditioning of the Hall probe output signals in the electronic box includes Hall signal amplification, high linearization, compensation of the temperature variations, and limitation of the frequency bandwidth.

The outputs of the H3A Magnetic Transducers are available at the connector CoS of the Module E: these are high-level differential voltages proportional with each of the measured components of a magnetic flux density; and a ground-referred voltage proportional with the probe temperature.

Key Features

  • Hybrid 1-, 2-, 3-axis (Bx, By, Bz) Hall Probe, of which one, two, or three channels are used
  • Ultra-low noise & offset fluctuation magnetic transducer, allowing very high resolution measurements (spectral density of noise down to 10 nT/sqrt(Hz) )
  • Very high linearity
  • Magnetic transducer based onmuch improved offset and noise reduction technique
  • Very low planar Hall voltage
  • A temperature sensor on the probe for temperature compensation
  • A range of various Hall probe geometries/demensions available

Typical Applications

  • Mapping magnetic fields
  • Characterization of undulator systems
  • Current sensing
  • Application in laboratories and in production lines
  • Quality control and monitoring of magnet systems (generators, motors, etc.)

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