Output Signal Cable CoXX-G

The Output Signal Cable CoXX-G, (XX:= 20, 50, 100) is available in the following lengths respectiverly: 2m, 5m, 10m. This cable is suitable for SENIS F3A, F1A, I1A magnetic transducers.

PHS-H and PHS-S Hard Ceramic Probe Holder

The PHS-H can be used in applications where a very accurate probe position is required, such as insertion devices, undulators, etc. The Hall probe is firmly fixed in a ceramic plate providing for a very well defined position of the probe.

PHS-C Long Aluminium Probe Holder

The PHS-C can be used in applications in the extended environment temperature (up to 100°C). The Hall probe is enclosed in an Alu tube and protected from a mechanical damage.

Price (holder length: 1m) : 700 CHF
Please ask SalesMagnetics@senis.ch for the price for different holder lengths.

Probe Head Support PHS-M

The Probe Head Support PHS-M made of thermoplastic (Polyacetal) can be used for Hall Probe types G, H and K.

Probe Head Support PHS-B

The Probe Head Support PHS-B can be used for Hall Probe types A and E.

Zero Gauss Chamber ZG12-LN

Chamber for cancelling offsets for low-noise transducers and Gaussmeters/Teslameters

Differential-to-Single Ended signals ADAPTER 3DSA-05 (for 3-axis) / 1DSA-05 (for 1-axis)

Converts differential signal from the transducer to single ended signal (for use with osciloscopes, data acquisition systems, etc)

CHF 990 (3DSA-05) / CHF 890 (1DSA-05)

DC Power Supply S12-5

Switch mode power supply for SENIS transducers; +12V/-12V.