Output Signal Cable CoXX-G

The Output Signal Cable CoXX-G, (XX:= 20, 50, 100) is available in the following lengths respectiverly: 2m, 5m, 10m. This cable is suitable for SENIS F3A, F1A, I1A magnetic transducers.

PHS-H and PHS-S Hard Ceramic Probe Holder

The PHS-H can be used in applications where a very accurate probe position is required, such as insertion devices, undulators, etc. The Hall probe is firmly fixed in a ceramic plate providing for a very well defined position of the probe.

PHS-DL Probe Head Support

The Probe Head Support type PHS-DL may be used to position the SENIS Hall probe C during the
measurement of the magnetic fields in the air gaps of the undulator systems, between the rotors
and stators of the large generators, etc., as well as to protect the probe from mechanical damage.

PHS-C Long Aluminium Probe Holder

The PHS-C can be used in applications in the extended environment temperature (up to 100°C). The Hall probe is enclosed in an Alu tube and protected from a mechanical damage.

Price (holder length: 1m) : 700 CHF
Please ask SalesMagnetics@senis.ch for the price for different holder lengths.

Probe Head Support PHS-M

The Probe Head Support PHS-M made of thermoplastic (Polyacetal) can be used for Hall Probe types G, H and K.

Probe Head Support PHS-B

The Probe Head Support PHS-B can be used for Hall Probe types A and E.

Zero Gauss Chamber ZG12-LN

Chamber for cancelling offsets for low-noise transducers and Gaussmeters/Teslameters

Differential-to-Single Ended signals ADAPTER 3DSA-05 (for 3-axis) / 1DSA-05 (for 1-axis)

Converts differential signal from the transducer to single ended signal (for use with osciloscopes, data acquisition systems, etc)

CHF 990 (3DSA-05) / CHF 890 (1DSA-05)

DC Power Supply S12-5

Switch mode power supply for SENIS transducers; +12V/-12V.