Clamp-On Open-Loop DC MicroAmmeter

The open-loop high sensitivity clamp-on Microammeters can measure direct currents down to 1 uA only. It can be used to indirectly measure and track leakage current through a fault in the insulation system of electrical machines. Measurement ranges 10mA to 10A. The MicroAmmeter is a clamp-on toroidal ferro-magnetic core with an air gap, in which the AMR sensors of a differential Hall magnetometer is inserted. The system includes a demagnetization circuit for the ferro-magnetic core and a PC software for data acquisition and visualization.

CHF 10'000.-

MicroAmmeter Head Dimensions

50-100H Current Transducer Head

  • Clamp-on head separable into two parts
  • Aperture diameter: 51mm
  • Dimensions: 152mm x 96mm x 62mm
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Output cable to amplifier: 1m
  • Sensitivity to external magnetic field: <5mA/50μT
  • Voltage isolation: ±5kV dc

MicroAmmeter Head and Amplifier

50-100E Current Transducer Amplifier

  • Sensitivity to primary current, SNOM: 100mV/mA
  • Tolerance of sensitivity: < ±10% of SNOM
  • Temperature coeff. of sensitivity: <±3%/°C
  • Equivalent primary current noise: ±10μA
  • Frequency bandwidth: DC to 1Hz (-3dB)
  • Maximum output signal: ±10V corresponding to ±100mA
  • Output signal source resistance: < 100ohm, short circuit proof
  • Dimensions: 230mm x 105mm x 67mm
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Output cable to system interface: 15m

MicroAmmeter Software screen sample

Data Acquisition & Visualization Software

The MicroAmmeter System is managed by a laptop PC with LabView software to control the High Voltage Power Supply output voltage and to acquire the instantaneous current outputs from the MicroAmmeter Current Transducer. The software includes averaging of the current readings and presentation of the data with selection of the scaling for the current versus time display. Data are acquired and displayed in real time for immediate analysis.

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