Product news

SENIS R&D team continuously extends our product and solution portfolio and enhances the current instruments and sensors. Check our latest designs, developments, solutions and publications.

Compact 3D Magnetic Field Mapper MMS-2A-ROT

  • 3D magnetic field mapping of disk, segment, ring magnets and rotors
  • 3-axis Hall probe for in-contact measurements
  • Intuitive Mapper software for measurement data acquisition, visualization and analysis

High-end 3D Magnetic Mapper MMS-1A-RS

  • Very high positioning and measurement accuracy
  • Easy probe interchangeability
  • Hall probe for rotor tests (scanning of larger rotors)
  • Eddy-current probe for crack detection
  • Sliding probe for in-contact measurement

Small, Portable 3D Magnetic Field Mapper

  • 3D magnetic field mapping
  • Small in size and weight (<5Kg) 
  • Portable version due its size
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Large functionality scope

New Ceramic Hall Probe Package

  • Fully made of ceramic
  • Very high temperature range: -40° - +150°
  • Different geometries (lengths and widths)
  • Very thin probe package
  • Naked chip solution for very narrow air gaps
  • Vacuum compatible

New Bus Bar Current Sensor

Bus Bar current sensor modules enable measurement of currents in the large f-bandwidth of DC to 200kHz without an impact of external magnetic fields.

Large-size Magnetic Field Scanner

  • High-end Magnetic Field Mapper
  • Scanning volume: 500 x 500 x 300mm

3-axis Sliding Hall Probe SHP for In-contact measurements

Very small distance (0.5 mm) between the magnet surface and the magnetic field sensitive spot of the Hall probe. Always at the same distance to the magnet surface allowing in-contact measurement. Incapsulated SENIS KS Hall probe. Ceramic package dimensions are 25x3x3mm. A ceramic friction pad allows in-contact magnetic field measurements.

3MTS USB Handheld Teslameter

  • SENIS Teslameter developed with Matesy
  • Four Measurement ranges: 20mT / 200mT / 3T / 20T
  • Accuracy: better than 1% of full scale
  • f-bandwidth: DC – 500Hz
  • AD Conversion: 12bit (Optional :16bit)
  • USB 2/3 interface (mini/micro)
  • EEPROM for storing of calibration data
  • Teslameter Software with Intuitive User Interface
  • Software running on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Optional wireless module, battery powered

New Current Sensor

Closed-Loop Clamp-On Current Transduce

  • Measurement of DC, AC and pulsed currents
  • Superior accuracy:<0.1%
  • Measurement range: 100A – 10kA
  • F-bandwidth: DC – 300kHz
  • Zerofield mapping 


  • 3D Nano-Teslamete
  • AMR sensors for very high resolution: 0.5nT
  • Very small probe size
  • High sensor spatial resolution
  • Zerofield mapping

Low-Noise Teslameter

  • Very high accuracy: <50ppm
  • Very high resolution: <5ppm
  • For laboratory application
  • Desktop version availabl
  • Trigger function
  • Autorange 
  • Intuitive User Interface