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Nano-Scale Metrology Standards

Nano-Scale Traceable Magnetic Field Measurement

SENIS, as industry partner is a part of the European R&D project consortium that consists of the major Metrology Institutes in Europe. This R&D project will develop European metrology capabilities to extend the accurate and traceable measurement of magnetic fields to micro and nano level; and thus contribute to the international harmonization of high-resolution magnetic field measurement, and allow European industry to measure and manipulate fields with previously unattainable levels of precision. As a result of this project SENIS has developed the first MICRO & NANO-SCALE Magnetic Field Mapper: 

See Nanomapper: http://www.senis.ch/products/mappers/nano-magnetic-field-mapper 

Energy Autonomous Wireless Smart and Low-Cost Current Sensor

Through this European project the consortium will develop an energy autonomous wireless smart and low-cost current sensor for remotely monitoring of electric lines in the context of the coming generation of aircrafts. The project scope includes the development of a sensor architecture co-designed to achieve an optimal balance between the harvested energy and the consumption of sensor and electronics, while meeting the desirable sensing, latency and sampling specifications. The consortium includes two industry partners, SENIS (CH), a current and magnetic sensor manufacturer, and SERMA (FR), an OEM for aeronautical equipment. It also includes CSEM (CH), a reputable research institute with long experience in space and aeronautical projects and Imperial College London (U.K.), a university with significant track record in energy harvesting.

FAMAS - Fast Angle Magnetic Sensor

Novel Fast Angle Magnetic Sensor (FAMAS) will allow to disrupt in the magnetic field sensor global market with a product with a very fast response (<1us) and very high resolution (<0.1°), highest rotational speed (200,000 rpm), and with the lowest price in the market. FAMAS is an innovative cost effective, fast and accurate magnetic angular sensor. It is an integrated magnetic field sensor that allows the measurement of the rotation angle of the in-plane component of a magnetic field, such as that of a permanent magnet attached to a rotating shaft.

Acknowledgement: The FAMAS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 816678. The funding supports the industrialization and commercialization of FAMAS.


SENIS AG goes Social Media

In order to get closer in touch with our clients and to better meet customers' business demands, we launched a project to improve our social media appearance. This project was done in cooperation with the students of Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland. A customer survey and personal interviews were performed, analyzed and an action plan was defined. To express our thanks for the participation on this survey, SENIS raffled a 3MTS USB Handheld Teslameter among all participants. The prize winner is our long-year customer the Swiss company maxon motor AG.

New Products

SENIS is continuously launching new products and solutions