Magnetic Field Analog Transducers are used for magnetic measurement.

Detailed Structure of SENIS Magnetic Field Analog Transducers:

Analog Magnetic Transducer Structure

F3A Magnetic Transducer with Fully Integrated 1-/ 2-/ 3-axis Hall Probe

  • Very high spatial resolution
  • Very high angular accuracy
  • High frequency bandwidth
  • High disturbance immunity

Price range: CHF 2’500 – 8’500; Please contact SalesMagnetics@senis.ch

F1A Magnetic Transducer with Fully Integrated 1-axis (Y) Hall Probe

  • Very high frequency bandwidth
  • High disturbance immunity

Price range: CHF 2’500 – 5’500; Please contact SalesMagnetics@senis.ch

Magnetic Field Transducer

I1A Magnetic Transducers with Integrated 1-axis (Y) Hall Probe

  • Very low noise & offset fluctuations
  • Very high linearity
Price range: CHF 3’000 – 3’500; Please contact SalesMagnetics@senis.ch 

Hall magnetic transducer

H3A Magnetic Transducers with Hybrid 1-/ 2-/ 3-axis Hall Probe sensors

  • Ultra-low noise & offset fluctuations
  • Very high linearity
Price range: CHF 6’500 – 8’000 (for 1-axis), CHF 9’500 – 11’500 (for 2-axis) and CHF 13’500 – 15’500 (for 3-axis); Please contact SalesMagnetics@senis.ch

Hall magnetic transducer

I3C Magnetic Transducers with Integrated 2/ 3-axis Hall Probe

  • Very high spatial resolution
  • High angular accuracy
  • Low noise & offset fluctuations
  • Very high linearity


Hall magnetic transducer

CPA Magnetic Transducers with Custom made Probes

Custom made probe can incorporate a combination of any of SENIS Hall sensors and a temperature sensor, coil, optical sensor, etc.

Multi-Probe Magnetic Transducer

MPA Chassis for Multi-Probe Magnetic Transducers

You may choose any of SENIS Probe types with this multichannel transducer.


Mangetic Transducer Accessories

Accessories for Analog Transducers

A wide range of measuring accessories and tools for analog transducers.
Magnetic Field Analog Transducers

A SENIS Hall magnetic field transducer consists of two modules:

  • Module H, consisting of the Hall probe and the CaH cable
  • Module E, containing the analog electronics for signal conditioning

To build up a complete measurement system, the module E needs to be connected to an adequate power supply and to a voltmeter (or A/D converter) for each measured component of a magnetic field.


Magnetic Field Transducer Types

MFT Model Numbering

MFT Model Numbering Chart

Magnetic Transducer Selection Charts 1&2