SENIS® magnetic field transducer consists of two modules:

  • Hall probe with the cable (H-Module)
  • Electronics for analog signal conditioning (E-Module)

To build up a complete measurement system, the E-Module needs to be connected to an adequate power supply and to a voltmeter (or A/D converter card). The performance of an Analog Transducer (e.g. resolution, accuracy, f-bandwidth, noise level, offset, etc.) is defined by the performance of the Hall probe and of the connected electronic module. Therefore provides SENIS different types of Transducers, which can fulfill most of requirements from industry and R&D laboratories:

  • 3-axis F3A and 1-axis F1A Transducers, with high spatial resolution Hall probes, high f-bandwidth and good accuracy and resolution
  • I3C high resolution and low noise Transducers and moderate f-bandwidth
  • MLNT-3D Digital Transducer, with very high resolution and low noise and with digital output only
  • 3DACMT-1 Inductive Transducer, for high frequency and very high resolution
  • NVM-01 Nanovolt-Amplifier combined with pick-up coil probe for measuring of very low magnetic fields and moments
  • H3A ultra high resolution and low noise Transducers
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